1. Diploma
    This homeopathy course will award you the diploma of the Allen College of Homoeopathy, which is highly valued and respected. The diploma is also fully recognised by the Society of Homeopaths and accepted by the Homoeopathic Medical Association of the United Kingdom.
  2. History
    We have a long history , dating back to 1920's, when the Bengal Allen Medical College was founded by the Banerjea family. In 1998, Dr Subrata K. Banerjea brought this classical and practical tradition to England and Allen College was founded by him and his wife, Janet. The extensive Allen College library reflects this long legacy.
  3. Attention
    Our course brings the solid, traditions of time tested homoeopathy to the lecture room. The classes and teaching faculty are small, enabling individuals to benefit from individual attention. The students are encouraged to learn in their own way and facilitates self awareness and development.
  4. Practical Curriculum
    The curriculum has been developed to ensure the homeopathic training is specific to successful practice. The experience and reflective practice of the faculty ensures changes are implemented as we develop together. All lecture notes are provided at the commencement of the year along with a structured curriculum of the entire course.
  5. Clinic
    Homeopathic clinical training commences from the first year and is led by the joint Principals along with a consultant medical doctor. The training clinic includes medical diagnosis as well as extensive medicine comparisons. Students mature into skilled practitioners by acquiring skills and competence by participation in cases throughout the course. This homoeopathic training has the best clinical arrangements. Students spend time deliberating on the management and remedy choices alongside their teachers. Focus on comparison of related medicines is emphasised and knowledge of the subject is broadened in this clinic environment. The clinic is an Allen College strength.
  6. Supervision
    Allen College prides itself on the supervision of cases and the ongoing supervision and after care. The homoeopathic course incorporates business skills and sound knowledge which enables students to practice proficiently and to succeed in practice.
  7. Classical Principles
    The course teaches the principles of homeopathy which are steadfast, and proven, which offers a solid foundation The homoeopathy training ensures that there is no misunderstanding in case management or perplexity of method. Clarity in case analysis and medicine decisions are emphasised.
  8. Experienced Teachers
    The highest quality teaching provision delivered by skilled teachers, who are all in practice. Practical application of theory is implicit in all lectures. There are wider opportunities for further learning in India and overseas. Moreover, Dr Subrata K. Banerjea, Principal of the College, is a fourth generation homoeopath, an internationally respected teacher and practitioner. His international reputation since 1985 both as an inspiring teacher and successful clinician is based on his extensive experience. Many successful homoeopaths and teachers, around the world, have been taught by him. He is a Fellow of both the Society of Homeopaths and Homoeopathic Medical Association of the U.K. He has been acknowledged as "Internationally renowned homoeopathic physician" by the University of Calcutta.
  9. Listening Environment
    All the students on the homoeopathy course receive ongoing, individual care and full written feedback for every piece of your work. The homoeopathy course is developed by feedback from students, we listen. Allen College allows students to immerse in homoeopathy, join a new network of colleagues and friends, develop interpersonal skills and join a group of philosophical thinking people. Our philosophy on the homoeopathy course is positive reinforcement and encouragement.
  10. Location
    Allen College is just 35 minutes from central London with good public transport connections. Stansted airport is 40 minutes away, which enables our overseas students to join us regularly at Summer School.