We offer a Clinical discussion programme in Homoeopathy in which 160+ live cases are demonstrated. The aim of the 2 week clinical training programme entitled "VISITOR HOMOEOPATH'S EXCHANGE DISCUSSION PROGRAMME" (VHEDP), is to demonstrate a simple, straight forward, time tested classical method of Homoeopathy. Participants are delighted to see Homoeopathy (or Homeopathy) that works, can be so simple.

At Allen College our aim is to provide students with a solid foundation, based on therapeutic principles, incorporated with modern concepts.

This enables students to evaluate and develop their own clinical procedures and helps to produce competent, confident and caring Homoeopaths.

We pride ourselves in supporting our students through all homoeopathy courses we provide and are confident that they will be equipped with the essential skills needed to practice responsibly and professionally in their homeopathic career.

It is generally accepted that homoeopathy is practised widely as primary health care in India. Calcutta has a rich heritage in Homoeopathy and offered the first University and Government approved full time homoeopathic 5 years degree course.

All across India homeopathy is accepted as being the major alternative to pharmaceutical medicine and as such has enormous popularity, which is mainly due to its presence in the sub-continent over 150 years as well as its coherence with Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy of non-violence.

The Banerjea family has practised Classical Homoeopathy for four generations and the Institute has a long heritage. The tradition of sharing experience is continued through this course and by the teaching of the fourth and fifth generation homoeopaths, Dr. Subrata and his son, Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea, their insights into prescribing with their magnificent grasp of the nuances of Materia Medica make these lectures wonderfully rewarding and gives the confidence in prescribing especially in cases with advanced pathology.

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Practical Training in Calcutta, India: why choose Calcutta Clinical Training?

  • 160+ live cases in 2 weeks : Practical training.
  • Improved cases with heavy pathology seen & discussed during this intensive programme.
  • Established in 1985 with Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea.
  • Teachers with international reputation with vast experience of cured cases.
  • Ready application of Clinical Materia Medica & Miasm.(use Miasm as repeatedly verified methodology in daily practice).
  • Extensive lecture notes provided.
  • Simple classical teaching.
  • Individual support & guidance.
  • 80+ hours of CPD & Clinical hours Certificate.
  • Observe homoeopathy in action in advanced pathologies and develop your confidence.
  • See how simple homoeopathy works. The non confusing, time tested methodology of combining miasm and totality.
  • Purchase homoeopathic medicines while in India in a very reasonable rate and the savings thereof will pay for your trip.

For more information, please download our 2-week Clinical Training brochure.

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Our Principals

Allen College of Homoeopathy is headed by the Principal, Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea and  Joint  Principal Janet Banerjea.

Dr. Subrata Banerjea, BHMS; FFHom.; FHMA is an internationally respected teacher and clinical Homoeopath who has lectured around the world since 1985. For five generations, the 'Banerjea family' has been recognised as authorities on Miasmatic Prescribing and Dr. Banerjea continues this tradition, by teaching the practical application of this aspect of prescribing. After graduating from the University of Calcutta, he practised in  thriving clinics in Calcutta for over twenty years before moving to England.  Dr Banerjea enjoys the challenge of Homoeopathic practice in advanced cases and regularly teaches all over the world.

Janet Banerjea RSHom has practised since 1991 and lectured since 1992. Her experience with a wide variety of cases enables her to make insightful prescriptions. Janet continues to have an interest in the development of students and enthusiastically teaches case management alongside philosophical aspects of homoeopathy.  Her regular supervision groups ensure graduates are supported in practice with lively discussions with discerning observation. 

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