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1st Generation: Kalipada Banerjee

1st Generation:
Kalipada Banerjee,
Subrata’s great-grandfather:
Born: May 1846.
Died: October 1926.

Late Kalipada Banerjee was born in a town near Calcutta in the year 1846. After completion of basic studies, he became interested in Homoeopathy and started studying Homoeopathy of his own accord. At that time there was no Homoeopathic Colleges in Calcutta. After acquiring knowledge in the Homoeopathic science, he started practicing Homoeopathy in his native hometown. Gradually his reputation fell around. At that time a German Homoeopath, named Dr. L. Salzer, M.D. was practicing Homoeopathy in the city of Calcutta and have had a good reputation. Late Kalipada Banerjee consulted him for one of his difficult cases. Dr. Salzer was much impressed to see the prescription that have already been made by Kalipada Banerjee and opined to continue the treatment in the same line.

Later Dr. Salzer took him as his Clinical Assistant and also as an interpreter; as Dr. Salzer was not acquainted with local Bengali language, which hindered him a lot to take case histories. Later Kalipada Banerjee started a Homoeopathic Chemist shop at Calcutta where Dr. Salzer attended as Consultant Physician. Dr. Kalipada Banerjee practiced Homoeopathy for 38 years. His Philosophy was single remedy given according to Hahnemannian dispensing directives (Single Globule e.g. § F.N. 246, 5th Ed. and § 275 6th Ed.; Poppy Seed Sized e.g. Foot Notes of § 153, 155 and 285, 5th Ed.; and dispensing in water e.g. § 288, 5th Ed. and § 246, 272, 6th Edition of Organon of Medicine) and waits and watches for reaction!

2nd Generation: Dr. Kishori Mohan Banerjee

2nd Generation:
Kishori Mohan Banerjea,
Subrata’s grandfather: Homoeopath,
Born: Nov 1886.
Died 27th Feb 1941.

Late Dr. Kishori Mohan Banerjee, son of Late Kalipada Banerjee and grandfather of Dr. Subrata Kumar Banerjea was born near Calcutta in the year 1886.

1. Learnt about Homoeopathy since his birth, from his illustrious father.
2. Studied Homoeopathy in Calcutta, the city by then has the reputation of Mecca in Homoeopathy.
3. Went abroad and learnt Miasms by sitting at the lotus-feet of Dr. John Henry Allen, in the United States.
4. Founded a College and Homoeopathic Hospital with 50 running beds in the name and style of: BENGAL ALLEN HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL in the year 1924.
5. He put the name of Allen because of his dedication and heart-felt gratitude to his learned preceptor/Guru.
6. A Master Prescriber through Miasmatic Approach, as learnt from Dr. Allen.
7. Practiced Homoeopathy for 24 years.
8. Died at the young age of 55 years.
9. His Philosophy was following the footprints of his father; added to it was the approach and style of quick Miasmatic Diagnosis and he was a Kentian high potency prescriber. He also believed in Doctrine of Divisibility e.g. § 285, 286 and 287, 5th Ed. and used split doses and achieved marvellous reaction with deviating the dosage e.g. § 246, 247 and 280, 6th Edition of Organon of Medicine.
10. Passed his gems, intuition and heritage of quick Miasmatic Diagnosis to his son.

3rd Generation: Dr. Naba Kumar Banerjee
3rd Generation:
Naba Kumar Banerjee,
Subrata’s uncle:
Born: January 1910.
Died 24th Nov 1974.

Late Dr. Naba Kumar Banerjee, uncle of Dr. Subrata Kumar Banerjea:

1. Learnt about Homoeopathy since his birth, from his illustrious father.
2. Studied Homoeopathy in Calcutta: The Mecca in Homoeopathy.
4. Practiced Homoeopathy for 34 years.
5. Rich heritage of Homoeopathy, as descended his 'Homoeopathic blood' from last two Homoeopathic ancestries.
6. Master prescriber for the 'Miasmatic Approach' which he has descended from his father and also had evolved a Quick Prescribing Technique: by virtue of the rich heritage and intuition of prescribing.
7. Passed his gems, his intuitions, his Quick Prescribing Techniques, Remedy Diagnosis through Miasms etc. to the fourth generation.

Ranjit Kumar Banerjee
Ranjit Kumar Banerjee, Subrata’s dad:
Micro-biologist; later passed the Diploma in homoeopathy and became lecturer in pathology in a Govt. homoeopathic college,
Born: 24th December, 1930.

4th Generation: Subrata Kumar Banerjea
4th Generation:
Subrata Kumar Banerjea,
Homoeopath and Lecturer,
Born: 6th September 1957.

A successful clinician and lecturer of world-wide reputation of 'Homoeopathic Banerjea' family, Dr. Subrata Kumar Banerjea, the Gold-Medalist of Calcutta University.

Dr. Subrata Kumar Banerjea, is one of the most promising Homoeopaths now settled in England, who have already achieved many laurels and crowns!

Born at Calcutta, on 6th September 1957, in a family of Homoeopathic legends for the last 3 generations, and this being the root cause of his deepest regards and dedication to Homoeopathy, the rational art of healing.

Dr. Subrata Kumar Banerjea has successfully completed his schooling career in a serene divine atmosphere of Ramakrishna and Vivekananda's philosophy, from Ramakrishna Mission Ashram, Narendrapur and was creditably placed in the First Division.

His medical academic accomplishments crowned him with many coveted distinctions and records at the University of Calcutta. He is the first Homoeopathic Graduate from the said University after 5 years of intensive and integrated full-time degree curriculum with a record of securing honours marks (more than 75%) in NINE subjects and became eligible for FIVE University Gold Medals, having secured the highest marks at the entire University, in those subjects.

He maintained the unbeaten record of securing FIRST position throughout his medical academic career with some scholastic records at the University, securing 93% of marks in the final graduation examination of Materia Medica (oral part).

His first printed publication appeared in 1981 when he was just 24 years of age, under the title of "Synoptic Memorizer of Materia Medica (two volumes)", introducing a unique mnemonical expedient in Materia Medica and attended a wide popularity; which was indicated by the fast exhaustion of the first edition of the book.

Besides this, his Guide to Materia Medica, Pictorial Charts like "Mr. & Mrs. Psora Chart", Aggravation Chart, etc., and his latest book "Miasmatic Prescribing", has achieved immense popularity in the homoeopathic world.

As a lecturer too, he is very popular for introducing the Live Materia Medica and incorporation of Miasm in every case for clinical prescribing. Amongst his international lecture commitments, he has the proud privilege to lecture several times in almost all the countries of the world where Homoeopathy exists!

It is also remarkable that Dr. Banerjea, being the first Indian and also the First Foreign Homoeopath, who has been invited to lecture on Miasmatic Prescribing and its Philosophy at the Kiev Academy of Medical Sciences, Soviet Russia in April 1990 and also to Nigeria in 1992.

He is the Director of Bengal Allen Medical Institute located at "Similimum", 46 Creek Row, Calcutta - 700 014, India; and International Teaching Division of the old Institute of repute, BENGAL ALLEN HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICAL COLLEGE, which was founded by his grand father. The said institute do sponsors Exchange Education Clinical Discussion Programmes for Overseas Homoeopaths since 1986 and already many Homoeopaths (including Allopathic M.Ds who are interested in Homoeopathy, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, etc.) from different parts of the world including Central European countries, U.S.A., Canada, Australia etc. came all the way to Calcutta and studied under him. These days, Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea only periodically visits India to run consultant clinics there (where heavy pathology like advance cases of Cancer; Nephrotic syndrome, Demyelinating disorders etc. are treated) .

In India and many of the overseas countries where he has lectured, he was acclaimed as the only thorough teacher on MIASMS and COMPARATIVE MATERIA MEDICA. A fourth generation Homoeopathic physician, and every generation pass their wisdom, intuition and clinical gems to the next, which evolves an incredible practical and clinical intuition in Homoeopathic Prescribing. His Philosophy is adhering to the Classical techniques of his three generations of 'Homoeopathic Ancestry' along with 'Look and Diagnose' the remedy from gestures and postures of the person which gives him an unadulterated picture; and in this modern world of suppression which results diseases with very few manifestations (e.g. One sided diseases: Section 173: Insomnia, Fatigue etc.), he opens the case through peeling of the Miasmatic layers!

When he visits India, sees so many patients in so little time (viz. 15 patients in an hour) in outpatient's clinics that his Homoeopathy evolves into a rare combination of a great learning of Comparative Materia Medica coupled with profound intuition and application of clinical tips and wisdom. More importantly, he has the ability to teach the kind of prescribing, that his practice demands.

Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea is the Principal of Allen College of Homoeopathy in Essex, England and runs a busy practice in London as well.

5th Generation: Saptarshi Banerjea
5th Generation:
Saptarshi Banerjea,
Homoeopath and Lecturer,
Born: 26th December 1988.

Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea

B.H.M.S, Honours in Nine subjects of Health University

S.C.G.M Award for 1st position in the University
1st Position in All India M.D. Entrance Examination
1st Position in M.D. Final Examination (Materia Medica)
Visting Lecturer: Orawan Holistic Institute,Bangkok,Thailand
Asst. Director-Bengal Allen Medical Institute
Email: [email protected]
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Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea was born in Calcutta, India, the fifth generation of a distinguished and widely respected homoeopathic family. His insights into prescribing with his magnificent grasp of the nuances of Materia Medica make his lectures wonderfully rewarding and gives him the confidence in prescribing especially in cases with pathology. He acts as Clinical Consultant in various rural and slum clinics. In India, he often sees around 50 patients a day in his medical centres. Such volume requires the use of extensive ready knowledge of Clinical and Comparative Materia Medica coupled with profound intuition and application of ancestral wisdom. Saptarshi inherits his clinical acumen and wisdom from his illustrious father, Dr. Subrata K. Banerjea.

Dr. Saptarshi Banerjea is a popular young lecturer and his dedication to the truth of homoeopathy is regarded as inspiring and unsurpassed. His enthusiasm for the "Old School Classical Homoeopathy" and it's practical implementation in the drug dependent modern world is awesome!

Dr. Saptarshi regularly runs a 3 year Undergraduate and 2 year Post Graduate program for Medical Doctors in Bangkok since 2013. He also conducts a 2 year Video Linked Post Graduate program for U.S.A. and Canada.

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